1: Soak the Hura expose head in freshwater (~1 min) to moisten.
2: Chew the head gently until it forms bristles (brush-like).
3: Simply brush in “UP-DOWN” motions. Do NOT press extra-hard. NO toothpaste is needed.
4: Give it a brief rinse. Dry it and keep it in Hura clean container (available in HURA “VIP”) or Hura fancy box (available in HURA herbal toothbrush).
5: Each month, use the Hura cutter to cut off the used head (available in HURA “VIP”). Leave the Hura tip to soak in freshwater (~5 min). Peel another 1 cm to make a new fresh head!

1: TAKE CARE while using the Hura cutter and keep it out of reach of children.
2: Use a clean regular scissor or a knife for the HURA herbal toothbrush (simple type product).



When? and Where?

Whenever and wherever you want! Use the HURA herbal toothbrush before daily prayers; while you are online, watching TV or reading a book; in heavy traffics; etc.

Tip: Keep the HURA herbal toothbrush away from any sinks or toilets. Hesitate to brush in WC or bathroom!

How often? and How long?

1 (minimum) to 3 (maximum) times a day! and for about 3 minutes each time. You can check teeth cleanliness by the tip of your tongue. Plaque feels rough and furry, while clean teeth feel smooth!