(Herbal Toothbrush)

1* Hura herbal toothbrush with the HURA classic fancy box to hold. By HURA No need to toothpaste & No more Chemical waste!


(Herbal Toothcare Package)

2* Hura herbal toothbrush, 1* Hura clean container, 1* Hura cutter (for toothbrush sticks) and 1* Hura herbal toothpick. All of them in the HURA elegant package. By HURA “VIP” turn your teeth cleanings into extravagant experiences.

HURA mini

(Herbal Toothbrush)

1* Hura mini herbal toothbrush (4 cm). By disposable Hura mini, feel free to brush anywhere and anytime! You can simply clean your teeth before official meetings; on heavy traffics; while reading books or watching movies.