NO need to toothpaste, NO more chemical waste! Both Expert assessments and thousands of years of experience verified: Strong whitening and brightening effects; hardening the enamel and improve remineralization; strengthening the gums; strong antibacterial and plaque-removing agents prevent tooth decay and eliminate toothaches; maintaining oral healthy pH; eliminating bad breath by fresh pleasant scent; helping digestion and intestine movements; etc.

Fluoride, Chloride Enamel remineralization, Anti-microbial
Calcium Remineralization, Buffering role in the oral cavity
Vitamin C Oral tissues healing & repair
Tannins Reduce plaque & gingivitis, Antifungal
Silica, Sodium bicarbonate Abrasive, Removing stains & plaque
Sulphur, Alkaloids Anti-bacterial activity, Stimulatory effects on gingiva
Benzyl isothiocyanate Prevent cariogenic & genotoxic compounds
Essential oils Flow of saliva & buffering pH, Antiseptic
Resins Forms a protective layer on enamel surface

In addition: 100% organic and useful NOT only to your oral hygiene but to NATURE as well. It seems the human beeing produces more than 8 billion plastic toothbrushes each year!