Hura Miswak Sticks

چوب مسواک هورا
Hura Miswak stick
(with holder)

A fresh and golden “Hura Miswak stick”, “Hura clean holder” and “Hura user’s manual”.

چوب مسواک هورا
Hura Miswak stick
(wooden box)

1Hura Miswak stick with the HURA classic fancy box to hold. By HURA No need to toothpaste & No more Chemical waste!

چوب مسواک هورا
HURA mini
(single use Miswaks)

10* Hura mini Miswak sticks (4 cm). By disposable Hura mini, feel free to brush anywhere and anytime!

HOW …?!

چوب مسواک

Leave the Hura tip to soak in freshwater (~5 min).

چوب مسواک

Peel 1 cm to make a fresh head!

چوب مسواک

Chew the head gently until it forms bristles (brush-like).

چوب مسواک

Simply brush in “UP-DOWN” motions. Do NOT press extra-hard. NO toothpaste is needed.

چوب مسواک

Wash and dry your Miswak stick and always keep it in your “Hura clean holder”. Each month, use a scissor or a knife to cut off the used head. repeat from step 1 to make a fresh new head!


1: Do not need to any toothpaste! All the benefits have been hidden in the bristles.
2: Keep the HURA Miswak sticks away from any sinks or toilets. Hesitate to brush in WC or bathroom!
3: You can check teeth cleanliness by the tip of your tongue. Plaque feels rough and furry, while clean teeth feel smooth!