(Herbal Toothcare Package)


2* Hura Miswak stick1* Hura clean container1* Hura cutter (for Miswak’s cutting) and 1* Hura herbal toothpick. All of them in the HURA elegant package. By HURA “VIP” turn your teeth cleanings into extravagant experiences.

How …?!

مسواک گیاهی هورا

Soak the Hura expose head in freshwater (~1 min) to moisten.

مسواک گیاهی هورا

Chew the head gently until it forms bristles (brush-like).

مسواک گیاهی هورا

Simply brush in “UP-DOWN” motions. Do NOT press extra-hard. NO toothpaste is needed.

مسواک گیاهی هورا

Each month, use the Hura cutter to cut off the used head (available in HURA “VIP”).

مسواک گیاهی هورا

Leave the Hura tip to soak in freshwater (~5 min). Peel another 1 cm to make a new fresh head!

خلال دندان گیاهی هورا

simply snap off a stem from this elegant flower and use it as a regular toothpick.


1: Do not need to any toothpaste! All the benefits have been hidden in the bristles.
2: TAKE CARE while using the Hura cutter and keep it out of reach of children.