The Hura herbal toothbrush is the hygienically processed and packed root of Salvadora Persica (also called “toothbrush tree”, “Chouj”, “Arak” or “Peelu”). For millennia (It is reputed to have been used over 7000 years ago) many indigenous people of the middle eastern cultures have used this wood for their daily dental routines (and considered it as a part of their religious prayers). Generations upon generations have relied on its perfect tooth-cleansing properties and have passed this knowledge down over many hundreds of years.
The plant is found mainly in Iran, East Africa, Pakistan, and India. the Hura sticks are disinfected and preserved by soaking in the brine of crystal salt and perfectly safe to use. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommended the use of herbal toothbrushes in 1986.



NO need to toothpaste, NO more chemical waste! Both Expert assessments and thousands of years of experience verified: Strong whitening and brightening effects; hardening the enamel and improve remineralization; strengthening the gums; strong antibacterial and plaque-removing agents prevent tooth decay and eliminate toothaches; maintaining oral healthy pH; eliminating bad breath by fresh pleasant scent; helping digestion and intestine movements; etc.

Fluoride, Chloride Enamel remineralization, Anti-microbial
Calcium Remineralization, Buffering role in the oral cavity
Vitamin C Oral tissues healing & repair
Tannins Reduce plaque & gingivitis, Antifungal
Silica, Sodium bicarbonate Abrasive, Removing stains & plaque
Sulphur, Alkaloids Anti-bacterial activity, Stimulatory effects on gingiva
Benzyl isothiocyanate Prevent cariogenic & genotoxic compounds
Essential oils Flow of saliva & buffering pH, Antiseptic
Resins Forms a protective layer on enamel surface

In addition: 100% organic and useful NOT only to your oral hygiene but to NATURE as well. It seems the human beeing produces more than 8 billion plastic toothbrushes each year!


How to use HURA …?

1: Soak the Hura expose head in freshwater (~1 min) to moisten.
2: Chew the head gently until it forms bristles (brush-like).
3: Simply brush in “UP-DOWN” motions. Do NOT press extra-hard. NO toothpaste is needed.
4: Give it a brief rinse. Dry it and keep it in Hura clean container (available in HURA “VIP”) or Hura fancy box (available in HURA herbal toothbrush).
5: Each month, use the Hura cutter to cut off the used head (available in HURA “VIP”). Leave the Hura tip to soak in freshwater (~5 min). Peel another 1 cm to make a new fresh head!

1: TAKE CARE while using the Hura cutter and keep it out of reach of children.
2: Use a clean regular scissor or a knife for the HURA herbal toothbrush (simple type product).

When? and Where?

Whenever and wherever you want! Use the HURA herbal toothbrush before daily prayers; while you are online, watching TV or reading a book; in heavy traffics; etc.

Tip: Keep the HURA herbal toothbrush away from any sinks or toilets. Hesitate to brush in WC or bathroom!

How often? and How long?

1 (minimum) to 3 (maximum) times a day! and for about 3 minutes each time. You can check teeth cleanliness by the tip of your tongue. Plaque feels rough and furry, while clean teeth feel smooth!