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How to use …?

1: Soak the Hura exposed head in freshwater (~1 min) to moisten.
2: Chew the head gently until it forms bristles (brush-like).
3: Simply brush in “UP-DOWN” motions. Do NOT press extra hard. NO toothpaste is needed.
4: Give it a brief rinse. Dry it and keep it in the Hura clean container.
5: Each month, use the Hura cutter to cut off the used head. Leave the Hura tip to soak in freshwater (~5 min). Peel another 1 cm to make a new fresh head!

Tip: TAKE CARE while using the Hura cutter and keep it out of reach of children.

6: The Hura herbal toothpick turns after-dinner teeth cleaning into an extravagant experience! It is an Ammi Visnaga cluster flower (toothpick plant). To use, simply snap off a stem from this elegant flower and use it as a regular toothpick. If you press the stem too hard, it breaks (against regular bamboo toothpicks) and does not hurt the gums. In this case, continue with the remaining part.

The Hura herbal toothpick is harvested from the southern plains of IRAN. It is hygienically dried and processed to keep its natural flavor.

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